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Perception Engineering saves 10+ hours each week with Toggl Track

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Perception Engineering provides engineering solutions that include manufacturing support, machine design, new product development, project management and supply chain solutions. Their work ranges from simple CAD (computer-aided design) to designing and sourcing complex automated equipment.

Results with Toggl Track

  • Up to two hours of employee time saved per day, including on tedious admin tasks like invoicing
  • Insights from time tracking reports help the team more efficiently organize and manage projects
  • Clients receive detailed, accurate and professional-looking reports of hours billed
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Each employee saves at least 15-20 minutes per day, while providing extensively more detailed and accurate data about which projects and tasks they worked on.

Stephen Wierenga, Owner and Perception Engineering


Day to day, the team at Perception Engineering juggles numerous projects across several clients. Keeping track of which team member was working on which task for which client at a given time was an administrative nightmare.

“Before using Toggl Track, we used Excel spreadsheets to track our job time information,” said owner and president Stephen Wierenga. “This was a tedious process that required team members to fill out numerous fields. It was a large time sink as well as presenting significant potential for errors and missed data.”

Billable time went unlogged. Staff spent untold hours of unnecessary administrative work ensuring data accuracy, instead of getting on with work that would result in client invoices. The team was unhappy with the system. It was time to find a new solution.


Perception Engineering implemented Toggl Track company-wide in 2017, resulting in hours of saved time every week–up to two hours of employee time each day previously spent on time tracking are now put to better use, not to mention the hours saved on invoicing and processing payroll.

Budgeting and billing are now more accurate across the company. “Many of our jobs have an hourly budget and access to Toggl Track’s real-time project budget status has been essential for keeping projects on track,” said Wierenga. “The ability to see how much time you have spent and how much time you have left in a budget is an excellent feature.”

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Track project budgets like Perception Engineering
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The Project and Task features within Toggl Track have also been put to good use. “The ability to split a project into tasks also helps us organize how our time is spent,” said Wierenga. “We now also track individual components within a job, giving us the knowledge and insight required to create more accurate quotes based on a client’s job description.”

The client-facing advantages of switching to Toggl Track are also numerous. With billable hours being accurately tracked, the team can provide clients with informative reports that show exactly what work the client is paying for. Wierenga says that “Toggl Track’s custom reports allow us to create project summary data quickly and efficiently for customer invoicing, with the bonus of looking professional.” That’s a double win.

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Company logos: Amazon, Uber, GE, LinkedIn, Netguru, Wise, SAP, Danfoss, Booking.com, BCG, Finnair, Salesforce
Company logos: Amazon, Uber, GE, SAP, Netguru, Wise, LinkedIn, Finnair

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