What is the Difference Between Paid and Organic Search Ads

What Is The Difference Between Paid And Organic Search Ads

By Abhishek Soni

Both paid search and organic search are necessary to build a strong search marketing strategy to be found online and drive traffic and leads. The proportion of each should depend on what the business wants to accomplish. When it comes to the words paid and organic we clearly understand that there are two types of Ads one which you have to pay to display your ads on Google and the other one is Organic which means your ads are shown without paying for it.

  Organic search results are unpaid that is it is natural ranking and results that are determined by search engine optimization. Such search is made useful with the Seo tools and techniques Paid search, on the other hand, is followed by the paying methods i.e you have to pay to the service provider to enable your ad to appear your ad on the search engine result page and person uses it specific search term or the phrase to access it. The fee you pay is based on the number of clicks or views you receive for your ads. The more a user clicks on the ads the more you pay.

When you should do Organic Ads.

When you want to increase your website authority SEO technique is the best way to grow your website. Optimizing your website with the SEO techniques and content marketing can help you to bring the right traffic on your website even though it takes a lot of time to establish your website’s reputation and making it popular to establish creditability with the Google When you want consistent results organic results take longer time rather than the paid ads to see the results, while paid ad works instantly but takes money to build its result as organic is free but it takes time to build a result. Ranking on the top of the search engine result page will take time but if build outright you might get long term benefits and consistent results. The more time and energy you invest in your search engine optimization both on-page and off-page the higher the value of your website. What will determine your value is the amount of consistent traffic you generate, page rank, search engine rankings, number of backlinks over a while.

When you should use Paid Ads. When you want immediate results, the moment your ad is approved by search engines and your bids are high enough to compete when your ad is live, millions of users to see. Paid search results sit at the top of all search engine results pages, above all the organic search results. As much as 60% of paid search ads get clicked or considered over organic search results. The main benefit of utilizing paid search is an immediate increase in traffic to your site. However, just because you have tons of traffic to your site, does not mean that you’re going to have great conversion rates.

Which one you should choose? Now that you the differences between the 2 ways to improve your search engine results, which will you choose? Sometimes you can choose both. Sometimes, depending on the industry, individual sites, budget, and the client’s needs, it’s advisable to work on organic SEO first. This allows the website to get up to par for optimal conversion. Then, on the other hand, it can be very advantageous to work on both PAID search and Organic SEO at the same time. This allows for sales to start coming in right away while the backend is being optimized for continued organic growth further down the road.

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