The Future Of Mobile Web Apps: Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

What is Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web App (PAW) is a term used to denote a new software development methodology. traditional applications, progressive web apps are a hybrid of regular web pages and a mobile application. This new application model attempts to combine features offered by most modern browsers with the benefits of mobile experience.

The main benefits of progressive web apps

1] Offline mode:
In some time Internet connection is not available, websites are absolutely limited to be displayed properly. other side, mobile apps are often self-contained, allowing users to browse the app when not online, thus increasing the assurance and availability highly. With an offline mode any information can be saved automatically during the last online access. The offline page can be completed with a brand logo, some information and there even can be some advanced features.

2] App-like way:
The next benefit of progressive web apps is that they are being designed like mobile apps while still having the full functionality of websites with dynamic data and database access. In general, every developer chooses how large-scale to program progressive web apps, by most of them take full advantage of existing frameworks and traditional theory on how mobile apps provide superior user experiences compared to websites.

3] Improved performance:
Progressive web apps are faster because of the way that Progressive Web Apps work significantly faster due to the way the underlying technology caches and serves text, style sheets, images and other content on the websites. As a result conversation, user experience and confinement rates benefit from the improved performance.

4] Zero install:
Compared to mobile applications, when users install PWA’s, there are no long download times, and visitors are not routed through Google Play or the App Store, but directly downloading the app onto their device.

5] No installation or manual updates required:
To use Twitter’s progressive web app, there’s no need to visit the Play Store or App Store to install it. Users can simply visit mobile.twitter.com and log in without any delays. When Twitter updates its PWA, users don’t have to install it manually – all new features and bug fixes are available without any manual action required.

How PWAs help you your business strategy?

PWA’s is a step forward because you are offering a service that few apps have.It can help grow your business too, authorize more assurance and conversions But, you have to have in mind that your approach have to work well for everything else too. So, first of all, analyze why your user would prefer to use a progressive website than an app.
Remember speed is in your buying, because it’s much more easier to access a PWA than make the path of download a native app. But, it depends on the service that you provide.
For example, if you’re an e-commerce app, it would be very profitable to invest on it. The site will be faster, people can buy directly on that and you are getting conversions and engagement all the time.

 Characteristics of Progressive Web App

  • Progressive: A powerful tool that operates well mindless of browser choice of the user. It is casual by differences in types of users as it “appreciate” itself after every time a user operates it.

  • Responsive: Suits the need for any gadget/hardware-whether it is a desktop, a laptop, phone, or tablet, or any other medium that will be launched in future.

  • Independent in Connectivity: PWA is supposed to be designed in such a way that it can operate offline or on slow speed networks as well. Therefore, it is not dependent on the nature or speed of user’s connectivity to the internet.

  • Safety: Every PWA provides a secure server, the green signal which users can see on top of their browser in the form of a green lock.

  • Low development cost: Since PWAs are built using advanced development tools and practices, these apps are cost-effective in comparison to native mobile apps.

  • Reliability: Progressive web applications are reliable as they load on the user device regardless of network connectivity. This means that users can access these apps for viewing the stored data in offline mode, i.e. in case of low or no internet connectivity.

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