How Coronavirus Causing Disruption in Businesses


By Abhishek Soni

It is hard to imagine that our beautiful world has lockdown due to current and ongoing spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) across the planet, but, as cities and lives are pulled to a standstill by communicable disease, our skies and rivers are revealing an unexpected positivity to the environment. While the beneficial effects for our environment by no means reduce the physical pain and suffering caused by such an outbreak, the economy has slowdown and reduced travel as a result of government-enforced quarantines has put a dramatic hold on outgoing pollution and the effects are being seen all over the world.

  COVID-19 is causing global trade to be disrupted, flights are being canceled, locals and express have been shut down and many people are now working or staying at home. Life, as we know it, has changed beyond all recognition.

As we are seeing the negative side of how the Covid- 19 pandemics has turned the world upside down, and the number of our friends and family who are experiencing the same. But it is also having some interesting positive effects on the environment. Here are some great examples.

1. Air pollution has dropped significantly: One of the main impacts of the coronavirus outbreak has been a significant drop in air pollution in many parts of the world. Most notably seen in developed, or developing, industrial nations the drop shows just how much industrial activity has been shut down as of late. Pollution has been under control as there is less traffic around and due to less pollution, we can see that the ozone layer is also getting healed. Global warming is under control.

2. Water is getting cleaned: Another unexpected effect on the environment from the coronavirus has been seen is that water is getting clean due to less wastage. The water in the rivers, the sea, and ponds are getting cleaner due to less pollution.

3. Started giving the family time: The deadly coronavirus impacted the world severely. The economy of the world has slowed down and many countries are under lockdown. The lives of people are under chaotic conditions. People limited or stopped their travel due to fear of the coronavirus. Several people stopped eating non-vegetarian food as a precautionary measure. They preferred to spend time in their home and families.

4. Start following the rule: Whether you curse the coronavirus or no but in the future due to the virus effect and the lockdown system today people have to follow the rule of the government and keep 1metre distance among the people this rule may create a habit to hee people and start following the same in future.

5. Stay busy this quarantine building your own blogs: Coronavirus has brought the world to a stand-still, and predictions for when government and self-imposed quarantines. In other words, we don’t know how long we’re going to step out of our homes. To some, this may be a delay to their daily lives but for others, this is an opportunity to learn and improve themselves without the distraction of their daily lives. This quarantine starts creating your blog and increase your knowledge and experience. It will help you organize your thoughts and learn. You can meet new people and stay in touch with them from home. If you have a company, use it to keep everyone updated about your status. A blog is excellent for the additional passive income, which will help you during emergencies

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