What is the best time to post on Social Media?

Best Time To Post On Social Media

By Abhishek Soni

It is important to note that the following statistics represent an average of the best posting times. To truly determine the best time to post on social media, you should examine your analytics and track what works best for a particular audience.

  The main thing about the posting part is content. Your content will play a bigger impact on your engagement rates than posting times. Take a look at the content your followers tend to respond best to. It may vary across different platforms.

The Best Time to Post on Instagram The best time to post on Instagram seems to correlate closely with working hours. This will be a theme with many of the different social platforms we’re highlighting today. This suggests that people often check their social accounts when they want a quick break from work or to get a quick distraction. With Instagram Stories and IGTV, Instagram is one of the more dynamic platforms when it comes to content options. This means you have many different ways you can try to engage your audience, and many opportunities to post at different times. Best day and time to Post Wednesday at 11 am, and Friday at 10-11 am

The Best Time to Post on Facebook In the past few years, Facebook has been altering on how to put more focus on posts from friends and family and less so from brands and pages. However, this doesn’t mean its impossible for you to still generate high engagement rates from Facebook. By posting at the right times you can help get your organic posts an extra boost that will, in turn, lead to higher engagement and secure your spot in your followers’ feeds. Best Day and Time: Wednesday from 11 am to 1 pm

Best Time to Post on Twitter Twitter is a unique social platform and has evolved quite differently from Facebook and Instagram. Out of all of the different social networks, Twitter is perhaps the most reliant on a chronological news-feed. This means that it’s especially important to post during peak hours to ensure that your Tweets don’t get left in the dark. Best Day and Times: Wednesday and Fridays and 9 am

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