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Do’s and Don’ts Digital Marketing During Coronavirus

By Abhishek Soni

Over the past few weeks, Corona Virus has impacted and harmed our lives. Businesses have been shut down, digital marketing companies have been shut down people are being ordered to stay in their homes, and certainly, the surrounding, the economy has gone down. In times of crisis, the marketing budget is often the first thing to go down. At this moment, keeping your clients and customers informed and engaged is more important. Along with impacting human life, Corona has started impacting the global economy as the countries are forced to declare locked down the cities and states to save people from the pandemic. However, brands need to make a plan to find new ways to communicate at this time

  Compared to other industries, online businesses such as digital marketing agencies, e-commerce businesses, technology service providers, etc. do not need to shut down their operations completely. They allow employees to work virtually from remote locations as they have to perform most of the operations through internet connectivity. The first reaction on strict governmental restrictions and the announcement of closing the businesses was the despair because your business is like your child in which you invested a lot of time and energy to develop it and make it grow.

1. Improve your working ideas: Use the isolation period to arrange or improve your working space online, create the website, open the business accounts on platforms, which are more suitable for your services, create the digital base of your loyal and potential clients, design the catalog of your goods and services.

2. Keep in touch with your clients: This is the time when you help people to overcome this difficult situation. Tell them about your products and their benefits with interesting posts, advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and other online resources or articles, using email marketing.

3. Use this time for self-development: Schedule some time to learn new tools to manage your business online, read some market motivating book, watch inspiring videos of influencers, try to gain more knowledge and experience. This tough situation won’t last forever. We will go through it! The world has already changed, making a huge leap forward. We should be flexible and adapt to the new reality. The earlier you start the changes the easier it will be to compete in the market.

4. Grow your own media presence: If your business has been affected by COVID-19 and ad spend is a factor, consider refocusing some of your efforts onto your owned media, such as blogs, emails, and organic SEO. Do some keyword research on the top searched terms for your industry and its applications and inject those keywords into the content you produce.

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