Asynchronous hiring with video

Create real human interaction at scale with short, pre-recorded video interviews.

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Why are video intros a game-changer?

Video interviews are the asynchronous next step.
Unlock the path to humanizing automated candidate screening and delivering a first-class candidate experience.

For recruiters

  • Delve deeper into candidates’ communication style and get a flavor of their cultural fit.
  • Run multiple asynchronous interviews at the same time.
  • Review video recordings at your convenience and select only the best talent for a live interview.

For candidates

  • Ease pre-interview jitters with prep time and optional video retakes.
  • Get a feel for the company you are interviewing with.
  • Have the best experience with lower time commitment and meaningful feedback.

Perfect for customer-facing and communication-heavy roles



Customer support

Account management

How it works

creating video intros process step one on toggl hire

Create a video test

Add maximum of 3 questions. Select from our library or create your own questions.

recording a video intro on toggl hire

Record an intro

Record yourself giving an intro of the company and role you’re hiring.

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Invite candidates

Invite candidates to record their video intros without leaving the app. Run multiple asynchronous interviews at the same time.

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Submitting videos

Candidates submit short videos with 2-minute time limit - videos integrate seamlessly with their skills test.

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Review and decide

Review and evaluate answers in your own time and decide which talent to invite to a live interview. All done!

Start hiring at scale with pre-recorded video interviews

Get started with Video Intros, automated screening with a human touch.

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