Hire the best with pre-employment tests

Make no mistakes in hiring. Assess core competencies and job-specific skills to hire the most qualified candidates.

Hire the best with pre-employment tests
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Why use pre-employment testing?

Assess real-world skills

Rooted in challenges professionals face every day, our assessments help you evaluate skills that predict future job performance. Test what matters!

Hire fast but well

Going fast and breaking things doesn’t work in recruitment. But with qualitative data and candidate insights, you can move fast and make confident hiring decisions.

Build a diverse team

Eliminate unconscious bias from your hiring process by focusing on candidates’ abilities, not their demographics. Hire the best person every time.

“We’ve been using Toggl Hire for almost 3 years, with more than 20,000 test-takers that completed one of the 20+ tests we have on the platform. The service is easy to use and helps us perform quick and effective top-of-the-funnel filtering while keeping a great Candidate experience.”
Gilad Bornstein, Co-Founder and CEO at Flatworld.co

Just the pre-employment testing features you need

Roll out tests in minutes

Choose from over 180 templates or craft a custom test mixing expert-created questions with your own tasks.

Technical assessments
Soft skills assessments
Language proficiency assessments
Fundamental math tests
100% Custom tests
Questions created by experts
Extensive peer-review process
Anti-cheating tracking

Multiple types of skills assessments

Set up a seamless hiring funnel with different types of assessments: basic skills tests, video intros, and homework assignments. Make data-driven hiring decisions, fast!

150+ skills to test
180+ templates
Fast and easy to set up
Everything’s customizable
Built-in team collaboration
Cheat-proof infrastructure

Smoooth candidate management

Organize, tag, and manage candidates in one place. Collaborate with your team on shortlisting candidates, automate repetitive tasks, and track your hiring progress.

Email templates
Pipeline view
Shared notes
Bulk actions

Where do pre-employment tests fit in the recruitment process?


Focus on quality candidates only

Adding a skills test to your screening process acts like a magic quality filter. Poor-fit candidates are automatically (yet gently) rejected, giving you more time to focus on high-performers.

Find the perfect skills match

There’s no perfect candidate, but there’s a perfect skills match. See candidates' technical and interpersonal skills in action, evaluate their cultural fit and  hire with confidence.
hiring funnel with skills assessments
We need to hire lots of people fast. Traditional methods can't keep up. Toggl Hire lets us see candidates’ skills right away so we can skip some later stages.
Triinu Pitk, HR Manager at Monese

Hire the best person for the job.

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