Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Toggl Hire cost?

Toggl Hire offers two subscription cycles based on your hiring needs: Annual and Monthly.

Here are our newly rolled out Annual Plans: Free, Basic, Premium, and Business. Our annual paid plans start from 17$ per month.
Our Monthly Plans include Free, Premium, and Business; starting from 249$ per month.

When you sign up for Toggl Hire, you will automatically start with our free plan. You can compare our subscription plans here and find more information about the changes here.

How can I be certain of the quality of your questions?

We give you access to a rapidly growing test library, created by leading experts and team leads. All questions submitted go through an extensive peer review. As thousands of candidates take these skills tests every week, we use built-in feedback as well as statistics and analytics to constantly monitor and improve the quality of the skills tests.

  • Questions created by our community of experts and team leads, hiring for these roles
  • All questions submitted need to pass peer-review and are double-vetted
  • Built-in feedback to flag and replace questions that are underperforming
  • We use data and statistics from 1000+ candidates per week taking the tests, constantly improving the overall quality

Are the tests timed?

Yes our tests are timed and you can easily change the time limit in test settings.

Is Toggl Hire easy to set up and use?

Getting started with Toggl Hire tests takes only few clicks. You just need to know which skills or positions you want to test for and we'll auto-generate the test that you can share on your career channels or directly with your candidates. For example, a non-technical person can set up and use a technical test without any help from development team in the setup and initial review process.

What type of questions do you offer?

One of the advantages of Toggl Hire skills tests is that you can mix and match different skills, customise questions and add in custom questions.

  • 100+ different skills
  • 10700+ questions
  • 7 main categories: Technical, Sales and Support, Marketing, Product and Design, Finance, Administrative, Language and soft skills
  • Simple to use - create a test in 3 clicks
  • Mix and match test library questions with custom questions
  • 6 question types: Free Text, Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Picture Choice, Numeric Input, Code Input
  • Build custom tests
  • Growing rapidly, 100+ new questions added every month

How is Toggl Hire better than using a free form like Google forms or Typeform?

  • Let us do the heavy lifting for you
    Toggl Hire is designed to make screening candidates as quick and easy as possible. Create a test in 2 clicks based on the job title you're hiring for. Our software will search our database of over 3000 questions and 55+ skills to create the ideal test for your job role. Much better than wracking your brain coming up with questions from scratch for Typeform - use a tool that is fit-for-purpose instead.
  • Authenticate test takers and avoid bots and cheaters
    In order to take a skills test, candidates have to authenticate themselves through either Linkedin or GitHub. This means you can be confident that the applicants coming through your hiring funnel are legitimate candidates. It also prevents the same person taking the test twice.
  • Use time-pressured tests to your advantage
    Our tests are purposefully time-pressured, to make them challenging for our candidates. This really gives them the chance to showcase what they know, and makes the best candidates shine. Without a time limit, it's hard to tell who has true knowledge and ability, and who spent a lot of time on Google.
  • Candidate selection and shortlisting
    The skills test is only half the equation. Once candidates take your test, you'll be able to manage them in our web app. Filter candidates by test score to reveal the strongest talent in seconds. Collaborates with your team to leave notes, tags, and ratings on candidates you like best. Work in candidate or pipeline view. The choice is yours and the options are limitless. Now try that with a Google form. It just ain't the same.

Do I have to use your tests or can I create custom tests or add custom questions?

Yes, you can create a custom test from scratch or add custom question(s) to our generated tests. You can also edit individual questions from our test library into custom questions.

How do you prevent cheating or fraud when taking the skills test?

We constantly monitor the performance of questions, using data from thousand of candidates each week. In addition, we give you access to question performance for every skills test you create so questions that are answered correctly by everyone are easily detected and can be removed or replaced with a simple click. Each candidate goes through verification using LinkedIn, Github or Facebook and is restricted to taking the test only once. They will see their overall score but don’t have access to what questions were answered correct or incorrect.

Does Toggl Hire connect to my Applicant Tracking software?

Yes, you can integrate Toggl Hire with Greenhouse and Workable or any other ATS that is available on Zapier.

How does Toggl Hire store candidate's data?

We use Amazon AWS to securely store the candidate data. Data storage is backed up continuously to prevent any data loss.

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