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Why recruiters love Toggl Hire?

A huge Question Library

Assess any candidate without hands-on knowledge. Lean on our extensive library of expert-created questions. Autogenerate tests in minutes.

Customization made easy

Tailor all skills tests to match the job requirements, role seniority and the client’s company culture. Create a positive candidate experience at every step.

Visual candidate pipeline

Stay on top of your hiring process with automatic screening and visual pipeline. Track candidate performance across all stages and easily spot the top talent.

Gilad Bornstein
Flatworld's business is to find great remote talent for companies. We have been using Toggl's testing services for almost 2 years by now with almost 20,000 test-takers that completed one of the 20+ different tests that we have on the platform. The service is easy to use, and helps us to perform a quick and effective top-of-the-funnel filtering while keeping a great candidate experience.
Gilad Bornstein, Co-Found and CEO at
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Manage your whole hiring process in one place with pipeline view

Manage your whole hiring process in one place with pipeline view

Automate your hiring process with Pipeline View. Get a visual overview of candidates in every stage of the hiring process, for every role you are sourcing candidates for. Use customizable email templates to invite and reject candidates. Collaborate with your team to leave notes, ratings, and tags on candidates.

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Let Toggl Hire be the expert in  testing for skills

Let Toggl Hire be the expert in  testing for skills

Go from 500 applicants to the 50 strongest candidates in one afternoon. Use smart skills tests to see candidate’s real skills without having to have an understanding in the field. Set a threshold and immediately weed out those without the required skills for the position. Toggl Hire will provide a breakdown of the candidate's knowledge so that you can hire like a pro in any field.

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Save time by using our
ever-growing question library

Question library

Remain confident that candidates are being tested on skills that are relevant today. Our constantly evolving question library is created by experts and covers hundreds of different skills with over 15,000 questions.

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Cheat-proof, so that you can trust the results you get

Eliminate bias for both parties and build trust from the get-go. No two candidates get the same combination of questions on their test. You can track browser fingerprint, test completion time, and detect copy-paste without giving your candidates the creeps.

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