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Fair, objective skills tests lead to the best hiring decisions. Combat bias with Toggl Hire and your diversity and inclusion will take care of itself.

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Hiring should be like sports

The best person should win - regardless of their age, where they come from, or where they went to school. Fair assessment is at the heart of diversity, and that's what our skills tests are made for.


Value skills over resumes

Create a merit based system - show your candidates you value abilities over fancy colleges or impressive corporate histories. It is fairer. And it is one of our test takers' favorite things about us.

Show, don't tell

Everyone loves a champion of diversity and inclusion. It is one thing to read about it on an About Us page, and another to see it in practice. Give your prospective candidates something tangible to show them you're serious about D&I.

dark headshot of emil at listonic
"I knew that if I look at resumes, I will unintentionally start judging candidates by certain characteristics. Toggl Hire helped us assess candidates as objectively as possible."
Emil, International Head of Sales at Listonic

Boosting diversity and inclusion at Listonic:

Listonic wanted to banish their unconscious bias, and hire as objectively as possible. Toggl Hire helped them assess candidates on what mattered most: skills and abilities.

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