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Create a talent pipeline that lasts. Virtually engage, assess, and hire young talent with inclusive skills tests.

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Remote hiring, but a lot smooother.

Why campus recruiters choose Toggl Hire?

Deal with high volume

Let automated screening filter out the best students that fit your criteria. Instantly reject the ones that aren't the right skills match.

Increase cost-effectiveness

Say adieu to logistic hassles, manual reviews, and high costs. Save time and money with virtual skills tests that require zero effort.

Diversify talent

Set a hiring process that is fair and objective. Have the best of both worlds; nurture diversity and see a boost in your employer branding.

Kadri Remmelgas, Talent Acquisition Partner at Telia
When we discovered Toggl Hire, we were really curious. Could this be the icebreaker to engage students at the Careers Fair? We quickly saw it was an effective way to start conversations and gather contacts.
Kadri Remmelgas, Talent Acquisition Partner at Telia
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Predict future performance with automated screening

Reduce screening time 86x with automated screening

Spending hours on manual evaluation is a thing of the past. Go from 500 students to the 50 with high potential in one afternoon. Gamify talent assessments, automatically evaluate each applicant's job-specific technical and soft skills, and predict future performance. Set a threshold and immediately weed out those without the required skills.
Save time, save money.

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Become a company that students want to work for with gamified application

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Getting applications in has never been so easy. Attract students with fun and engaging skills challenges. Give feedback to all of your applicants regardless of the volume. Students love the gamified experience, instant feedback, and inclusive assessments, making you a company to remember.

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Make objective, data-driven decisions with standardized hiring

Toggl Hire product screenshot showing the test library with premade templates

Everyone loves a standardized, objective experience; create one with Toggl Hire. Select from an extensive library of pre-built skills tests, and assess for any skill, any role, at any time. Manage your whole campus recruitment process in a customizable pipeline view, and get comparable data on candidates with scorecards to make informed hiring decisions.

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Cheat-proof, so that you can trust the results you get

Eliminate bias for both parties and build trust from the get-go.
No two students get the same combination of questions on their test. You can track browser fingerprint, test completion time, and detect copy-paste without giving fresh talent the creeps.

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Cheat-Proof settings

Say goodbye to logistic hassles with asynchronous video messages

Video Intros are built for efficient, asynchronous interview needs.
Remove the time pressure tied to traditional campus recruitment processes by running multiple intro interviews at once.
Give young talent and yourself the time and space.

Interview multiple students at once

Run discovery interviews in your sleep – record an intro to invite students, select questions, and watch the answers pour in. Review and assess videos at your convenience, without the time pressure.

asynchronous video intros setup on toggl hire

Screen for soft skills and cultural fit

Video is the next best thing after a face-to-face interview to assess students’ soft skills, such as communication, presentation, and critical thinking. Create a pipeline at scale with the best-fit candidates.

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Smart video interview questions

Struggling to come up with meaningful interview questions for campus recruitment? No worries. With Video Intros, you can select from a pool of pre-suggested questions for any level, covering soft skills and situational scenarios.

pool of video interview questions

Candidate-first experience

Pre-recorded Video Intros give young talent more control over the discovery call, resulting in a better, more relaxed interview. They can choose a convenient time, review questions, and have a few retakes before submitting their answers.

inviting candidates to a video intro test

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